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Thursday 1 May 2014

Rhossili Bunkhouse Limited takes over day to day operation of Rhossili Bunkhouse.

From today, 1st May 2014, Rhossili Bunkhouse Limited takes over the day to day operation of Rhossili Bunkhouse on behalf of Rhossili Village Hall. We are pleased to confirm that Josephine Higgins continues to manage the Bunkhouse and welcome guests.

This does not affect any bookings. Those that have bookings with us have all been sent notification of the change in advance.

From now on, payments for bookings should be made to Rhossili Bunkhouse Limited rather than Rhossili Village Hall.

We have re-issued our Terms and Conditions, which remain substantially unchanged except for making reference to Rhossili Bunkhouse Limited instead of Rhossili Village Hall. This Web site and our other documentation and correspondence have all been suitably amended.

Rhossili Bunkhouse Limited is a not-for-profit company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rhossili Village Hall. The company has been set up to ensure that the primary purpose of the charity isn't compromised and that any risks to the charity associated with running such an enterprise are minimised. All profit generated by the company is donated to the charity. Three of the four company directors are also trustees of Rhossili Village Hall.

Registered Office: Rhossili Village Hall, Middleton, Rhossili, Swansea SA3 1PL

Company No. 08436084

Recent News

Rhossili Bay was today rated the UK's Best Beach, 3rd in Europe, 9th in the World.

Rhossili Bay

The TripAdvisor Traveller Choice Beach Awards were voted for by Worldwide reviewers.

BBC News, 18 March 2014     The Independent, 19 March 2014

Thursday 18 April 2013

TODAY Rhossili Village Hall was connected to Superfast Broadband.

The green cabinet that brings fibre broadband to the community.
The new Spectrum Internet cabinet on the right.
The Gower Broadband Community Group has been working since November 2010 to bring Better Broadband to the remote rural and coastal communities within the Gower Exchange area. In February 2012, on behalf of the community, they selected Spectrum Internet as a partner to deliver Superfast Gower.

This superfast connection to the Internet is a significant community milestone. It means that the Village Hall can offer faster and more reliable communications to residents and groups that use the Hall and the Meeting Room, as well as those that stay at Rhossili Bunkhouse while visiting Gower.

Rhossili is now a Connected Coastal Community.

Thursday 21 February 2013

Rhossili Bay was today rated the UK's Best Beach, 3rd in Europe, 10th in the World.

Rhossili Bay

The European Traveller Choice Beach Awards were voted for by TripAdvisor's online Worldwide reviewers.

TripAdvisor spokeswoman Emma Shaw said: "These awards recognise the best beaches in the UK and beyond, according to those that really matter; travellers that have visited these beaches and given them the highest levels of praise. Huge congratulations to Rhossili Bay for beating many of the most exotic beaches across the globe."

BBC News, 21 February 2013

The Reverend Gill Evans has been an active Hall Trustee for many years. But her voluntary endeavours reach considerably further. Her wide ranging involvement with charities and especially the Crossroads for Human Development, which she founded, has been recognised with a prestigious WRVS Diamond Champions award for her outstanding volunteer work. Today she attended a celebration at St James's Palace and was presented with a Royal certificate signed by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, who are joint patrons of the awards.
Congratulations and thanks, Gill!

Gill Evans

Gill receiving her award.
(Photo © South Wales Evening Post)

Gill and colleagues at the Crossroads AGM 29 September 2012

Crossroads for Human Development AGM 29 September 2012

Gill Evans

Women's Institute volunteers tidying up
the Gower coastline.

Gill Evans

The WI Choir winning First place at the WI Arts Festival in 2009

Saturday 10 November 2012
VR Vistas Panorama of Endurancelife CTS Gower competitors             Coastal Marathons based at Rhossili Village Hall
(Panorama and Video by

For the third year running, Rhossili Village Hall and Bunkhouse hosted Stage 3 of the Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series today. The day started and ended with torrential rain, but was clear and calm from 10 'til to 2, while well over 500 competitors put themselves to the test in four challenging races around South West Gower.

Coastal Marathons based at Rhossili Village Hall             Coastal Marathons based at Rhossili Village Hall
(Photos by Rob Symberlist)

Saturday 20 October 2012
Annaya Belly Dancers Saturday nights will never be the same again!

The Annaya Belly Dancers shimmied and shook in an entrancing performance tonight
. The costumes were stunning and the presentation was accomplished and impressive. The audience was clearly in awe of the troupe and showed their appreciation enthusiastically.

The themed dinner was also fantastic - thanks to the Social Committee for their hard word in organising and preparing this entertaining event.

More photos can be found in the Gallery

Annaya Belly Dancers
(Photos by Maureen Symberlist)

Rhossili Village Hall invests in Solar Energy! Rhossili Village Hall started generating electricity today.

Electricity charges have risen sharply in the last couple of years. In order to mitigate the increasing cost of energy, the Trustees of Rhossili Village Hall decided to invest in Solar Energy in Autumn 2011.
Planning permission was granted in February 2012 and Green Deal Homes Ltd was selected from a number of suppliers to undertake the installation.

The system comprises an array of 16 Sanyo 250W PV panels facing South, with the potential to generate up to 4kW of electricity. The government Feed in Tariff will pay the Hall for each unit (kWh) generated for the next 25 years. In the meantime, all electricity generated is also available directly to the Hall.
We hope to install a display panel showing the power being generated. If you wish to come and see the array, please contact us to arrange a visit. We'd be pleased to show you the installation and answer any questions.

(Photo by Rob Symberlist)

Rhossili Bunkhouse - Awarded 4 Stars! Rhossili Bunkhouse was awarded a 4 Star Grading by Visit Wales today.

The visit report gave the Bunkhouse a rating of 85%, just short of the 87% required to achieve the coveted 5 Stars. Of particular note are the Cleanliness and the Kitchen, which were rated 100% and 97% respectively. This is a fantastic achievement for a small community-run enterprise that has been operating for just 4 years!

Coupled with occupancy increasing year on year the Bunkhouse is not only a clear success with visitors, but also demonstrates sustainability. Everyone involved must be congratulated - from the community volunteers to the staff - all of whom are committed and enthusiastic.

Further information is available about the Visit Wales Grading Scheme.

Sunday 27 March 2011
Rhossili Bunkhouse - New Web Site! A new Web site has been launched today, specifically for Rhossili Bunkhouse.

The theme is based on the colour scheme embodied in our logo and external sign.

The site provides a focus for information about the Bunkhouse, which was otherwise juxtaposed with information about Hall activities and events. The Bunkhouse information is now all in one place, with a bright new design.

Key features of the new site include summaries of the Facilities, our Prices and Availability, on the home page. Customer Feedback is now available, as is an improved "live" Availability Calendar and comprehensive interactive Google Maps, helping guests to find the Bunkhouse and local amenities.

The Web site has been developed by Rob Symberlist (Treasurer) over the past 18 months.

Go to the new site...

Saturday 13 November 2010
Coastal Marathons based at Rhossili Village Hall             Coastal Marathons based at Rhossili Village Hall

Rhossili Village Hall and Bunkhouse hosted Stage 3 of the Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series today. Although the previous couple of days at Rhossili had seen storms leading to an electricty outage, the weather for the Endurance Life event was calm, bright and sunny for most of the day, while the 500 or so competitors raced around South West Gower in four challenging races: the 34 mile Ultra-Marathon, the 26 mile Marathon, the 13 mile Half-Marathon and the 10K (actually 11K!).

Coastal Marathons based at Rhossili Village Hall             Coastal Marathons based at Rhossili Village Hall

(Photos by Rob Symberlist)

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Rhossili Bay was today voted Britain's Best beach.

The poll was conducted for the Cadbury Flake 99 Great British Beach Awards 2010., 8 June 2010

Friday 28 May 2010
Worm's Head from Rhossili Down Rhossili Bay from the Cliffs

Rhossili Bay was today voted Britain's Best Picnic Spot.

  1. Rhossili Bay
  2. Tennyson Down, IoW
  3. Redpoint Beach, Western Ross
  4. Richmond Hill
  5. Malham Cove
  6. Northern New Forest
  7. Giant's Causeway
  8. Wastwater
  9. Devil's Dyke
  10. Top Withens, near Haworth, 28 May 2010
A spokesperson for the Red Tractor Food Assurance Scheme, which organised the vote of the British Guild of Travel Writers members said: "The picnic spot at Rhossili Bay offers unparalleled views - turn one way and on a clear day you can see the north Devon coast, turn the other to look along the three-mile yellow sweep of Rhossili sands, where the surfers will be catching waves whatever the time of year.", 28 May 2010

Sunday 14 March 2010
Free WiFi Spot A new Free WiFi Spot has been installed, mainly for Bunkhouse guests or groups that have booked the Hall.

This provides wireless (802.11b/g) Internet access in the Hall and Foyer area.

This facility is provided with no guarantees or support. See Terms & Conditions.

Friday 19 December 2009
Carols Round the Tree             Carols Round the Tree

The 'Carols round the Tree' on Friday 19th December was a jolly way to start the festive season. With some delicious mulled wine and home made mince pies the village of Rhossili showed off some of its musical skill. Carl Johnson organised a group of carol singers to entertain the people of the village, interspersed with community carol singing and some humourous and slightly poignant Christmas readings.
(Photos by Sarah E. Stevens)

Quiz Night - Good natured competitiveness!
Friday 20 November 2009
Roger Button once again agreed to be our Quizmaster for what was another enjoyable evening of questions and picture posers. There was a good turnout with lots of banter and good natured competitiveness. Nibbles and delicious sandwiches were provided and a good time was had by all. Thanks to Roger and Eira for their hard work and generous prizes as always.



Murder by Magic

See the photos in the Rogues Gallery...

Vicki James' photos
Sarah Stevens' photos

On Halloween, Lynda Shaw orchestrated a highly enjoyable evening entitled 'Murder by Magic'.

About 60 people enjoyed the acting talents of Ian Brown, Maureen Symberlist, Marian Potts, Dudley Thomas, Nigel and Vicki James, Rob Eagle and Helen Griffith, as they portrayed characters with such unlikely names as Crystal Ball, Madge Ical (who turned out to be the murderer), Hugh De Knee, Luigi Board with his Ouja board and bad Italian accent and Roland Butter, amongst others.

The faux pas with the scripts were funnier than some of the jokes and there was much laughter and jollity in the Hall.

The parts were acted out between courses of a delicious meal with a slightly Halloween theme, as everyone was surrouded by pumpkins, skeletons and other decorations befitting the occasion.

Our thanks to Lynda and Sam and the ladies of the village who provided the food.

Jo Eagle
Social Committee

Tuesday 24 March 2009
Women's Institute Arts Festival 2009
FIRST place was awarded to Llanddewi with Knelston Choir at the Women's Institute Arts Festival, Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot on 21 March 2009.

Margaret Hodge was awarded 1st place in the photography section.

Leslie Griffin and Gill Evans 1st place in the duet class.

Other excellent results were greeted with delight! Congratulations!

More information about Llandewi with Knelston WI.

Sunday 15 February 2009
Carols round the Tree

Just before Christmas we had a very jolly evening with many people from Rhossili and around coming together to start the Christmas festivities singing carols around an enormous Christmas tree outside the Hall. It was an enjoyable and friendly occasion helped hugely by the skills of a new Rhossili resident, Mr Carl Johnson. Carl had 2 keyboards to accompany the gathering and also gave us a number of appropriate and amusing Christmas readings.

As the temperature dropped everyone came into the hall to have yet more mulled wine and mincepies, home made by the ladies of Rhossili. Although a completely free event we were heartened by people's generosity, raising money for the charities which the local church and chapel are supporting this year.

Whist drives

At the start of 2009 we launched a revival of Rhossili regular Whist drives. The first one in January attracted a core of regular and new players, and we hope this will grow into a sustainable event. Everyone really enjoyed the evening and there were raffle and top score prizes.

The regular night for this may change to a Wednesday, so please look for notices and fliers to that effect. Everyone is welcome.

Film nights

So far we have hosted 2 successful Film nights. The first on 12 January was "Mamma Mia" which was very well attended and ended with people dancing in the aisles to the music. This is a free entry event and takes place on the second Friday in the month. Lots of yummy refreshments are on offer through the evening. We showed "Casino Royale" on Friday 13 February which again was very enjoyable. Our next film will be the new Batman offering entitled "The Dark Knight", and will be on Friday 13 March.

COMING UP are more of these regular features plus a Quiz on 20 March, which will be £5 including supper, and a May Ball on Saturday 9 May.

If you require further information about any of the events, please ring 01792 390815.

Thursday 1 May 2008
Rhossili Village Hall creates new part-time job in local community.

Josephine Higgins started as the new part-time Hall Administrator today, Thursday 1 May 2008. Jo's remit will focus on the administration of all bookings, not just for the Bunkhouse accommodation, but also for the Community Hall and Meeting Room. From time to time, Jo will also be assisting the Trustees with the marketing of the facilities.

The Trustees are very pleased that, due to the rapid success of the Bunkhouse (completed in 2007), they have been able to create this new job in the local community. At the recent Annual Community Meeting the Trustees announced significant discounts to local people who wish to hire the Hall and Bunkhouse facilities. Local groups that use the Hall on a regular basis can also be offered financial assistance for equipment.

"This is a significant achievement for such a small community and an historic milestone for the community of Rhossili to celebrate!"

Sunday 13 January 2008
Rhossili Village Pantomime - "A wonderful community performance!"

The retelling of an Icelandic folk tale by Rhossili resident Helen Griffith was the basis of the highly enjoyable pantomime ‘Half a Kingdom’, which was performed in Rhossili Village Hall on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th January 2008. All the ingredients of a traditional pantomime were present in what Helen described as a ‘wonderful community performance’.

Read a review by Jo Eagle (our eagle-eyed reporter). Don't forget to visit the Pantomime photo gallery.

Saturday 3 November 2007
Our new Web site was launched on 3 November! Apart from local News & Events, the key feature of the new site is the Bunkhouse information and Booking Enquiry Form. This will enable us to take online booking enquiries via email, reducing the requirement for telephone contact. The site will be further developed over the next year to enable online bookings.

In the meantime, if you have any News or interesting items or photos to share with the community, please email them to Contact Us or

Take a look at the report about Pauline's Strawberry Tea - and see her photo gallery.

Thursday 10 October 2007
Golden Seal has been appointed to undertake the conversion of the "outside" store. This is the final phase of the Hall Development Project. It is being funded by a grant from the Sustainability Development Fund (SDF) run by the City & County of Swansea. Golden Seal will be starting work on Monday 15 October, with the intention of completing the work by mid-December 2007.

We have finally broken the £10K barrier! Since its opening on 1 May 2007, the bunkhouse has proved popular and guests are giving us very positive feedback. Thanks to everyone involved for such a sustained effort throughout our first summer of operating!

Pauline Bevan's annual fantastic traditional cream tea has once again exceeded all expectations. With the match funding from Barclays, Pauline has been able to contribute £1,754 to hall funds. Many thanks again, Pauline!

More about Pauline's Strawberry Tea, plus some photos for your album.