Development Project

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Timeline     -     Milestones

Year Month   Phase Module/Details
2008 Jun   Phase 4 Garden
        22-Jun-08 Volunteers install drainage and soak-away
        21-Jun-08 Volunteers improve guttering and prepare buttress foundations
  May     31-May-08 Volunteers prepare lawn
      Phase 3 Store Conversion
        27-May-08 Store Conversion completed
  Apr     22-Apr-08 AGM
2007 Nov      
  Oct     17-Oct-07 Store Conversion started
        10-Oct-07 Golden Seal appointed to undertake Store Conversion
  Sep     07-Sep-07 Invitations to tender issued for Store Conversion
  Aug     05-Aug-07 Plans of existing and proposed Store drawn up
  Jul     29-Jul-07 Store surveyed
  May     08-May-07 AGM - Presentation describing progress
        05-May-07 First bunkhouse guests! 18 Kite Surfers from Southampton University
  Apr   Phase 2 Kitchen, Bunkhouse, Meeting Room Fitting Out
        16-Apr-07 Final Certificate issued for Bunkhouse
  Mar     31-Mar-07 Official Opening by the First Minister, the Rt Hon Rhodri Morgan AM
        Mar-07 Bunkhouse equipped & decorated by community volunteers
        01-Mar-07 Completion Certificate issued for Building
  Jan     11-Jan-07 Kitchen fitting completed
2006 Dec        
  Nov     27-Nov-06 Bunkhouse Plans drawn up
  Oct     21-Oct-06 Golden Seal appointed to partition and fit out Bunkhouse
          Gower Coast appointed to fit out Meeting room and undertake External Works
        14-Oct-06 RACS appointed to fit Kitchen
  Sep     24-Sep-06 Invitations to tender issued for Kitchen, Bunkhouse & Meeting Room
        11-Sep-06 WAG CFAP Funding for Phase 2 £75,890 Granted
  Aug     09-Aug-06 Committee visits Allison Tyrrell at Hardingsdown Bunkhouse
  Jul     26-Jul-06 WAG CFAP Funding for Phase 2 approved in principle
      Phase 1 Building Design & Construction
        04-Jul-06 Visit by Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall
          - Gathering to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of the UK's First AONB
  Jun     Jun-06 Hall redecorated by community volunteers
  Apr     27-Apr-06 AGM - Presentation describing next steps
        17-Apr-06 Re-Applied for WAG CFAP Funding for Phase 2
          - Provided 26 letters of support from local businesses, groups and individuals
  Mar     24-Mar-06 Application for WAG CFAP Funding for Phase 2 Rejected
          Awards for All Wales Grant of £5,000 awarded for furniture and equipment
  Feb     02-Feb-06 WEFO Article 4 Audit of expenditure
2005 Dec        
  Nov     14-Nov-05 Application for WAG CFAP Funding for Phase 2 submitted
  Oct     12-Oct-05 Construction of new building started
  Sep     22-Sep-05 Asbestos Inspection by Anchem Laboratories
  Jul     29-Jul-05 Tenders received and Cambrian Construction selected
  Jun     27-Jun-05 Invitations to tender issued for building construction
        24-Jun-05 Objective 1 Funding Granted
  Apr     21-Apr-05 AGM - Presentation describing project
  Mar     10-Mar-05 Objective 1 Funding Approved subject to acceptance of offer
        07-Mar-05 Additional information provided to WEFO
  Feb     11-Feb-05 Additional information provided to WEFO
        11-Feb-05 Bank confirms offer of loan to meet funding shortfall
  Jan     21-Jan-05 Meeting with WEFO and SCC
        04-Jan-05 Site Investigation by Dean & Thomas
2004 Dec        
  Nov     05-Nov-04 Application to WEFO for EU Objective 1 Funding
  Jul     20-Jul-04 Fitting out of Kitchen etc removed from Phase 1 to keep project affordable
  Apr       AGM - Presentation given to Swansea Local Partnership in May-03
  Mar     30-Mar-04 WDA Funding £40,000 received for Hall Refurbishment
          - New central heating; curtains & blinds; chairs & tables; screen etc
  Jan     14-Jan-04 Planning permission granted by the City & County of Swansea
        05-Jan-04 Full Planning application for permission to carry out the development
2003 Dec     Dec-04 Plans amended and finalised
  Nov     12-Nov-03 WEFO approval given to apply for Objective 1 funding
  May     16-May-03 Presentation to Swansea Local Partnership (EU) Rural Assets Sub-Group
          - Asked for 50% EU Objective 1 funding towards project costs
  Apr     26-Apr-03 Total Project costs estimated at £313,333