Development Project

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Special thanks ...

We are grateful to all of our partners for their support and encouragement throughout this challenging project.

In particular, the following individuals have been immensely influential and helpful throughout the development:

Jackie Thomas, Principal European Officer, City & County of Swansea, not only for guiding us through the European funding maze but also for considered, friendly advice and support at every stage;

Stephen Byrne, Welsh European Funding Office, Carmarthen, for sharing his immense experience and dispelling many financial myths;

Adrian Bailey, Rural Support Officer, Swansea Council for Voluntary Service, for his incredible encouragement and constant supply of valuable community information;

Sian Jones, Property Manager, The National Trust, for some very special conversations!

We are also very grateful to:

John Davis for his early sketches that stimulated the eventual design, and Bob Henning of Gillies Henning & Associates for his skill at turning our sketches and requirements into plans;

Louise Lloyd and David Warrellow for their generous efforts in helping us to understand and resolve our conversation with HMRC concerning VAT;

Jeff and Helen Beynon and Barry and Margaret Swinnerton, our neighbours, for their unerring support and incredible patience putting up with the building work throughout the project.

Finally, the Trustees should like to record a very special thanks to David Cann. David has given his time and professional skills freely to act as our advisor and consultant throughout the entire project. Without his help and professional approach, we could not have arrived at a realistic budget, nor overcome all of the inevitable "surprises" during construction.